Suicide Risk Assessment

Suicide Risk Assessment You will watch a 94-minute documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge suicide epidemic called The Bridge. This documentary can be found in the Course Library on BBLearn. Documentary film-makers put a stationary camera at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge during a one-month time period, filming individuals taking their own life by jumping. Film-makers interviewed the family and friends of those who committed suicide in order to tell their story. While the film follows several different individuals, it focuses on Gene, a man (with long dark hair) who takes his life at the end of the film by jumping off of the bridge. The film makers interviewed several of his loved ones who talk about the “warning signs” they saw before his death, including his depression and other harmful behaviors. Papers should be approximately three to four pages and must be submitted in APA format with a title page including the student’s name. Papers must be free from spelling and grammatical errors. This assignment is worth 50 points. To complete this assignment, you should answer the following questions: 1. What warning signs did Gene’s family and friends indicate they saw in Gene before his death and why are these important? a. Did he have a history of attempts? b. Did he indicate hopelessness and/or depression? c. Did he have suicidal ideation? d. Did his behaviors change? 2. What risk factors for suicidality did Gene have? 3. What protective factors for suicidality did Gene have? 4. How did Gene’s family and friends respond to his behaviors? 5. What resources are available in your community for someone like Gene?