social oppression

Please use the movie” prayers for Bobby. Multi-Theoretical Assessment of Adult in Context Select and view one of the following movies (each available on Amazon). a. The Help (2011) Director: Tate Taylor b. Prayers for Bobby (2009) Director: Russell Mulchay c. Precious (2009) Director: Lee Daniels d. Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Directors: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris Please note: If you prefer to utilze a movie that is not on the suggested list, you must receive approval from the instructor to do so. A. Choose two theories that we have learned about during the semester and apply them to one of the characters, family, groups or community in the selected film. Write a paper (no more than 12-15 pages) double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font) in which you discuss the following items: a. Describe each theory in terms of its major assumptions. Describe what the theory is supposed to explain about human behavior in the social environment presented in the film. (P.B.: 3.1 and P.B. 9.1) b. Describe the strengths and limitations of each theory in understanding the character, family, group or community in the film. (P.B: 3.1; P.B: 4.1; P.B.7; and P.B. 9.1) c. Explain how each theory does or does not account for the influence of social privileges and social oppression. (P.B. 4.1 and P.B. 7.1) d. Discuss how these two theories would influence your social work practice with the chosen character or social group selected. Be sure to indicate under what circumstances each theory would be useful and the kinds of questions each theory might cause you to ask about a client’s challenges. (P.B. 4.1 and P.B. 7.1) e. Apply theory-based conceptual models of human behavior in macro level social context, explaining and assessing selected client system problems and client situations. (P.B.3.1; P.B. 7.1; P.B. 9.1) f. Recognize, understand, and analyze the cultural, ecological, economic, political and personal factors that are present and influential in people’s lives. This includes understanding of the ways these factors relate to and affect each other. (P.B. 9.1) g. Use no fewer than five scholarly sources for your paper. (P.B. 3.1)