Research Report

GALILEO Research Assignment Topic Choices: Use the same topic selected for your WWW Research Report. ( TUSKEGEE AIRMAN) • Select and search different GALILEO databases using the same topic selected for your WWW Research Report. • Find and copy or print 3 articles to review for a GALILEO Research Report. • With both PDF and HTML files, make sure to save the detailed record. Look for citation options and print or copy the MLA style citation if it is available. • This report will include a citation and a summary for the 3 articles you selected. • Follow the instructions below to write your report. Create a Word Document: 1. Left align the MLA heading with your name and course information. 2. Add a header containing your last name and a page number. 3. Name the database(s) you used (Academic Search Complete, Literature Resource Center, JSTOR, LexisNexis Academic, Opposing Viewpoints, etc.). 4. Create the MLA style citation for each source. Follow the Reference Guide to Using MLA Style. 5. Write a 100-word (or more) summary of the information found in each article. Check your document for correct spelling and grammar. Sample GALILEO Report Entry: Database: LexisNexis Academic Stewart, Jo. “The Alarming Rise of Stem Cell Tourism.” Sunday Telegraph [Australia], Sunday M ed., 7 July 2013, p. Features 4. LexisNexis Academic, Summary: This article expresses the writer’s concern that Australians are traveling to seek experimental medical treatment. The discovery of stem cells and their effects on humans is still high risk and dangerous. Like any new medicine or procedure, stem cells can produce unpredictable results. Although there is no concrete proof those stem cells work, hundreds of Australians travel to other countries to go to stem cell clinics. However, as Stewart points out, there are those who have gone through stem cell therapy with little to no improvement. 94 RSCH 1203: Research Strategies As a Final Activity: Create an Annotated Bibliography 1. First, center the title Annotated Bibliography on a new Word document. 2. Open your WWW research report to copy the citation and the summary information into the new document. 3. Open your GALILEO research report to copy the citation and summary information into the same new document. 4. Next, place the items in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name or the title if there is no named author. 5. Double space the entire document and remove any additional spaces between entries. 6. You have now created an Annotated Bibliography including both types of sources. Sample Annotated Bibliography Entries (note: not double-spaced to preserve space): “The Future of Medicine.” Scientific American, Apr. 2013, pp. 48-49. Science & Technology Collection, com/-login.aspx?direct=true&db=syh&AN=86242522&site=ehost-live&scope=site This article in Scientific American magazine discusses ways stem cells can change the future of medicine. The writer points out that sometimes if there is damage to an organ, our bodies can fix it. For example, with liver damage, our bodies can regenerate parts of the liver. However, not all of our organs can do this. We can get the help we need by turning to stem cells. Stem cell research is a promising branch of scientific medical research since stem cells give the body a “starter kit” to redevelop any tissue cell type that is needed. “Stem Cell Research Timeline.” Stem Cell History, 13 Mar. 2016, www.stemcellhistory. com Accessed 27 July 2017. Although a .com site, this seems to be a credible source because each item provides a link to where the information was found. The timeline explained stretches from 1961 all the way to this month. Stem cell research has come a long way since the 1960’s. In 1961, the first stem cell research report was published. The article points out that today stem cell research has resulted in important medical research from American scientists as well as scientists around the world. * One entry is from GALILEO, the other is from the Web. For correct alphabetical order, place “The Future of Medicine” first because the articles “A, An, The” should be ignored.