proposed leadership

Present a proposal for a group using the six headings listed below (along with approx. word counts for each section) 1. Identify, critique and discuss a practice context where you believe group-work is an appropriate social work intervention for change (750 words). 2. Outline the type of group, 1 purpose statement and 3 aims outcome statements that are be appropriate for this situation (100 words). 3. Discuss and critique the proposed leadership structure of the group, while considering a variety of alternative styles (450 words). 4. Outline the process that you would take to identify, recruit and engage with the people who may participate in this group (550 words). 5. Provide a description of the ‘ideal’ physical setting and any resources needed to run the group (250 words). 6. Outline the criteria and process of evaluation that would be used to assess the effectiveness of the group program (400 words). Use references from appropriate texts to support the rationale for your proposed group. Give a brief rationale, using group-work theory or professional literature for your decision-making in each of the sections. This proposal should be a document which presents a compelling and congruent argument for working with a group of people.