preliminary library

2) Refer to the “references” section of the textbook to conduct preliminary library and Internet research to find a study cited within the textbook chapter you have chosen. 3) Use that study and two (2) other recent studies (within the last 15 years) (Total = 3) to compose a five (5)-page paper summarizing and explaining what you found regarding your chosen topic. 4) Be sure to include basic definitions, a history of the research on this topic, details of the finding(s) in all three (3) studies you are using, suggestions and implications for future research and for psychological behavior now and in the future, as well as treatment options. Finally, please share your personal opinions of this current research. 5) Please use at least three (3) separate research studies (all of which MUST be from professional journals) and compose a Works Cited page as part of your research paper (APA or MLA style). 6) You will need to include citations throughout your paper in order to reference the research you are discussing. You are encouraged to use APA citation style. Here are some online resources for proper citation: