peer review

1) Identify a specific stage of development, and a particular demographic population, i.e., gay senior citizens, adolescent mothers, 2) keview the literature to find peer review articles that apply strength based perspective to your identified population, 3) Discuss how the authors conceptualize the strength based perspective, and what does it look like, how do they describe it? 4) Discuss how this practice contributes to the well-being of your chosen population, and 5) Discuss the implications for practice. You should put the bibliographic citation (APA style) in bold print at the beginning of your paragraph and then in two or three concise paragraph(s) discuss the main contributions of the article as well as the points addressed above. Five (5) articles; one of the articles must be an empirical article, are to be cited in paper. You should not plagiarize the abstract provided by the peer-reviewed journal article, it should be clear to the reader that you are familiar with the article Please see attached file.