Organizational Analysis

Organizational AnalysisThis paper should be 10-12 pages in length, not including reference page and attachments. It should be typed, double spaced, with standard margins and approximately 250 words per page. Use subheadings to separate the different sections of the analysis, and include an introduction and conclusion. The paper must include ten in-text citations from at least five different sources (professional journals, organizational documents, interviews, textbook). You must follow APA guidelines for citations and references. Select a human service organization to analyze. You should in most situations choose your field agency. Note: Be sure to be specific in your comments and observations, and use outside scholarly research, concepts and theories from the textbook, as well as specific examples to support your discussion. 1. Organization and Services: Name and describe the work of the organization. Specify the type of organization (public, nonprofit, for profit), the work you are directly involved with and what your role is. 2. Mission and Goals: What is the stated mission of the organization? What are the official goals of the organization and how were they determined? How well do you think the organization is achieving its goals? Do you think goal displacement has occurred? If so, why do you think this happened? If not, what organizational factors do you think prevented goal displacement? What are the organizational influences you see that affect organizational functioning as a whole and its ability (or not) to follow its mission and deliver services to its target populations? Briefly discuss the budget for your organization and how the allocation of both money and staff resources impacts the organization’s overall health and ability to meet its goals.3. Organizational Structure and Staffing: Using theory, research and specific examples to help you interpret the data you have collected, discuss the following questions:a. How does your organization’s staffing structure influence the distribution of power and control in the organization? b. Discuss the lines of authority and approaches of management used in your agency and how management approaches affect the functioning and interactions of employees with each other and with clients. c. Discuss the extent of diversity at different levels (executive, management, front line staff, etc.) within the organization. In your discussion, consider the following:i. What positions are held by women, people of color, gay and lesbian persons or persons’ with disabilities? Discuss special issues or challenges that staff persons in the minority may face in the organization.ii. Compare the diversity of staff with the diversity of the population the 10organization serves. Discuss the “fit” between these two groups and what that means in terms of social work practice and cultural competence of staff at the organization.Note: Attach an organizational chart to your paper that shows the relationships among staff and programs. If your organization does not provide you with an official chart, you will need to construct one based on your understanding of your organization as a whole and the department or program you work in. Your supervisor may be able to help you with this.4. Internal and External Environment: Relationship with Community: Discuss the results of your SWOT analysis and what you learned about the relationships between the organization’s internal environment and the shifting external macro environment in which it operates. Specifically, discuss the organization’s internal strengths/weaknesses and external opportunities/threats, usingtheoretical concepts from the textbook and other scholarly sources to support your interpretation of the SWOT results. Using concepts from the textbook, be sure to address the following:a. How does the organization achieve legitimization in its external environment? b. Where do its clients come from? (i.e. how do clients find the agency, or get referred?)c. What is the organization’s relationship with other organizations in its environment and how do those relationships aid or hinder the work of your organization?Note: Attach your completed SWOT analysis to your paper and be sure to specify who assisted you in completing it.5. Theoretical construct of organization: Based on what you have learned about your organization through the above descriptions and analysis, which organizational theory from the textbook best describes the organization in terms of its overall functioning, management structure, decision-making practices, and organizational culture? Why did you choose this theory and how does the theory help an outsider to understand your agency better? 6. Recommendation: Using the information you gained through the SWOT analysis, interviews with staff, your observations, and other sources about the major strengths and weakness of your agency/organization, what specific problems have you identified that interfere with the organization’s ability to meet its mission and goals effectively? What specific change recommendation would you make that you believe would increase the organization’s effectiveness and decrease the problem you identified? Assess how realistic your recommendations are considering the internal and external environment of the organization. What organizational resistance to change might prevent change from happening, and how would you propose to deal with this resistance?