nature of your integration

Critical Reflection assignment This 5-6 page formal essay is intended as an opportunity to critically reflect on the degree and nature of your integration of values, knowledge, and skills in the field of addiction. Part 1 The way that people with substance use problems are portrayed in the media is important because this affects your clients and how they are seen by their family members, peers, employers, and other important people in their lives. If the media stigmatizes people with addictions, this can easily translate into stigmatization of your client. Select a movie, television show, novel, advertisement, newspaper article, or other forms of media that portrays a character or community affected by addictions. You must be able to provide a link to or a copy of the material you choose to the instructor. Identify how the character or community is conveyed. What attitudes, assumptions, and stereotypes (if any) underlie how the character or community is conveyed? How realistic is the portrayal? How does this stigmatize your clients, and society in general? How can you work towards advocating against this stigma with clients? Briefly describe your professional and personal orientation to the practice in the field of addiction, especially towards consumers, community associations, service providers, policymakers, legislation and the media which would support eliminating the stigma individuals experience in accessing support. What strategies can be employed by you to create systemic changes with regards to stigma consumer/survivors may face? In relation to your selection above how does the media source you picked impact or define stigma in relation to people with substance use problems? What happens to people with substance use problems when they experience stigma? Where the consequences of stigma for someone who is experiencing substance use problems presented in your media source? Was there any positive portrayals (how they portrait people with substance use problems) in the media you picked and any awareness for you in this media selection. Part 2 Outline your intended model or approach to practice in the field of addiction. What assumptions and values underpin the model/approach? What theories inform your approach? What skill sets do you consider essential within your approach? Does your current model or approach reflect current issues and debated in the field of addiction, please give examples. Link your intended model to social service work theory, values and skills? Discuss two significant points of learning for you while taking this course and how this learning will be important for your professional practice. Guidelines for Assignment This paper should reflect direct integration of material from your text readings, class discussions and presentations, and should involve additional scholarly sources specific to your topic as appropriate. The paper must be typed double spaced, 12-point font, one inch margins, 5-6 pages (not including bibliography). APA format for academic referencing must be followed, with attention to spelling and grammar. Please include a cover pages. Paper should be in essay format except for Part 3 which can be submitted separately.