Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Assignment Due Sunday, March 5th by 5pm I will provided the exact example in APA format that I would like you to follow completely. You will need to be proficient in research and locating scholarly peer reviewed journal articles and/or books on Interpersonal Psychotherapy. You will need to use 3 references on this topic and cite them throughout the paper as they relate to the topic. Please follow the example paper exactly, no need to add anything or take anything away. This is the exact way the paper should look and be set up in APA format, double spaced, times new roman , 12 font, with Interpersonal Psychotherapy as the running head and title on title page. You will need to apply Interpersonal Psychotherapy to the case history that I provide for you. Please do not accept the assignment, if you are not familiar with APA formatting or if you do not know how to correctly site references in APA format or research this topic or if Sunday by 5pm is not enough time for you to provide a graduate level completed paper. This is a graduate level class and should reflect as such. I need 4 full pages of good information pertaining to the topic. I am not counting the title page and the reference page. Again an exact example has been provided for you.