Hypothetical Case

Child Welfare Case Activity Hypothetical Case Scenario: Marianne’s three children were removed from her home and placed in foster care following a report from the school that the oldest child, Sandra, age 13, came to school dirty, tired, and hungry. The teacher, who has been concerned about Sandra before due to her violent outbursts followed by silences, was able to get her to explain that she had witnessed a fight between her mother and her mother’s boyfriend in her house the night before. Sandra would not say if the police were called or whether there were weapons involved, but she did say that “there had been a birthday party.” Sandra explained that she was up all night, trying to comfort her younger siblings, Leon, age 4, and Brianna, age 13 months. This morning she left the house while her mother and mother’s boyfriend (Brianna’s father) were still asleep. She stopped at a neighbor’s to ask if the neighbor had some food that her brother and sister could have for breakfast. Upon investigation, DHS workers found a filthy apartment in complete disarray, with chairs turned over, food spilled on the floor and empty beer cans scattered in the kitchen and living room. There was no fresh food in the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. Sandra’s brother and sister both appeared frightened, dirty and hungry. Sandra told the caseworker that Marianne and her boyfriend, Sam, fight and drink all the time Marianne (age 30) and Sam (age 28) downplayed the incident. They said there had been a party where others brought in the beer and then left without cleaning up. They adamantly denied that the children were in any danger. Marianne is a high school graduate and attended some college. She is unemployed and Sam works at a local meat packing plant. Marianne receives SSI survivor’s benefits for Sandra. Evaluation of the children showed no evidence of physical abuse. Sandra has been suspended from school four times this year for behavior issues. She has a pattern of absences and tardies, and is currently failing most of her classes. Despite being in seventh grade, Sandra is well below grade level in reading. Leon is neither enrolled in Head Start nor pre-kindergarten at this time. He has identifiable developmental delays; specifically, he exhibits a speech impediment and struggles with fine motor skills. Brianna struggles to crawl and rarely babbles. Neither Leon nor Brianna have been seen regularly by a pediatrician; both are behind in their immunizations. Over the past three years, DHS received four reports regarding Marianne, all involving neglect and possible drug use. None were substantiated as the children were not forthcoming with information, the home was adequate, and Marianne provided clean UAs (urine analysis for drug use) each time. The file indicates that four years ago Marianne successfully completed an outpatient drug treatment program. There is some information that shortly after meeting Sam three years ago, Marianne resumed using drugs. Both Marianne and Sam deny any current drug use and deny that there is any violence in their home. Sam entered Marianne’s life shortly after she graduated from the drug program. Sam is from California and has no local family. The couple moved in together after dating for two months and has now lived together for a little over one year. Sam has been arrested for domestic violence with his previous girlfriend, but the case was later dismissed. Sam reports that the child Sandra “hates me and tells me she doesn’t have to do anything I tell her,” but that Leon calls him “daddy.” He describes Brianna as the “light of my life” and tells the caseworker that he can take care of both Leon and Brianna. He insists that there is nothing wrong with Brianna and that “kids in my family were always a little behind the curve.” Sam is not named on Brianna’s birth certificate. 1. identify problems 2. prioritize the problems, develop time sensitive written contract specifying objectives and goals 3. implement contract 4. achieve goals, evaluate and terminate services if possible this case assessment should be no less than two pages excluding title sheet and works cited page. APA of course, document your decisions through the literature.