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Assignment III Case Vignette. You will be provided a vignette (below) to write a paper that includes: (a) an assessment of the client’s situation; (b) utilization of Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development; and (c) application of an evidence-based counseling theory that would guide the practitioners work with this client system. Due Date: 2/26/18 CASE VIGNETTE: Dora is a 14 y.o. biracial female who is one of three children in the Gray family. She suffers from sickle cell anemia but is otherwise in good health. Dora has always been a good student, friendly and cooperative with her teachers and parents. Dora’s older brother, Kendall, always got along with Dora, but he moved away to go to college about 18 months ago. Dora’s older sister, Anita, did not get along well with her but were able to co-exist in the home. Anita, however, has also recently moved out of the home to attend college leaving Dora the only child in the home. Dora’s mother works during the day full time and is very demanding of Dora. She criticizes her for her school performance and behavior which has taken a drastic negative change. Dora’s father works all night and tries to sleep during the day. He is more easy going than his wife and has adopted the attitude that children will be children. Dora has begun to exhibit self destructive behaviors such as drinking alcohol, arguing with people in authority, physically threatening others, and “highly sexualized behavior” which all of these were reported to have begun shortly after her sister left the home for college. Dora has missed a large number of school days and is ‘hanging out’ with older boys.