federal social policies

Analyze the federal social policies in the United States and Canada following the Great Depression. Provide an explanation of the two most important similarities and two notable differences between the policy approaches taken in the two countries. Because these topics are very broad your immediate first task will be to narrow down your chosen topic into a focused and detailed essay, being specific about which readings and which ideas have been influential in forming your conclusion and why. Consult at least five scholarly articles or books (preferably, a combination of both). At least three of the sources for each essay must be from the textbook or assigned readings, excluding the Study Guide. Rather, go to the sources it identifies for further information. In the Digital Reading Room and in the “Supplementary Readings List” you will find additional sources that provide many excellent sources on these topics. Try to include at least two sources beyond those that have been assigned. Internet research for this essay should be approached with caution to include only scholarly sources such as those to be found on the AU Library’s online databases, government websites, and reputable organizations such as those listed in the various units of this course, in the digital reading and at the back of the textbooks.