existing research

1. You may hep modify the research question, that will differ from existing research work and be more specific 2. Make sure that it is based on the social context of Hong Kong 3. Within 1400-1600 words 4. Appendix (e.g. consent form, questionnaire, interview question) is not counted in number of words 5. APA format 6. maximum 5% plagiarism 7. Research background: – many parents adjust their way of practice > to adjust to current demanding education system > to improve children’s academic performance, so as to compete with other students 8. See more in the attached files for guideline and the grade A- sample 9. deadline on 9/12 evening or 10/12 morning (China time) Urgent!!!! Quality work please!! Price doesn’t matter if quality is guaranteed and hand in quickly. Thank you so much!!!!