ethical theory

In a paper, consisting of at least 5 pages, the student will take a topic, in the form of a social issue, and write about both sides of this issue, i.e. the for and the against sides, explaining them as objectively as possible. The student will take one of the ethical theories that we discussed in class, and they shall apply it to a current ethical issue in society. This issue can be one we discuss in class, or it can be an issue that we did not discuss but the student feels holds ethical importance. The students own opinion is welcome in the paper towards the end. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate an objective understanding of a societal issue that the student can explain coherently, as well as to show how the chosen ethical theory affects the moral stance people will take with the issue itself. The paper has to be at least 5 double spaced pages, Times New Roman font, size 12 with normal margins. A separate works cited page that contains at least 3 different cited works is also required and does not count to the overall required 5 pages.