empirical research

Literature Review: Access a sufficient amount of empirical research evidence (minimum of 3 peer-reviewed articles specific to your client) that informs your understanding of the client’s problem or problems and/or evidence on interventions that demonstrate improved outcomes for your particular group of clients with whom you are working. Is there evidence that shows clients like yours have angry outbursts because they feel insecure and vulnerable? Are there some factors that have been identified that improve motivation to change? What does the evidence show about the role of ambivalence in following through with the treatment plan? Are there some treatment approaches that work better within specific conditions? Review at least three articles from the professional peer-reviewed literature. This will be IN ADDITION to any other of the course material you use such as Wood & Tully (2006); Miley, et al. (2017); Bisman (2014), etc. ARTICLES YOU RETRIEVE FROM THE INTERNET MUST BE PEER-REVIEWED; OTHERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL RESULT IN DEDUCTIONS. In your literature review, paraphrase all information – do not use quotes. This is to better assess your understanding and application of the information in the article. You must use the professional, peer-reviewed literature). The instructor reviews the Turnitin Report and will check sources where there are questions about the source. All sources much include all of the required information in the reference. Please review this helpful tool: Social Work Literature Review Guidelines (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Instructions for Organizing and Writing the Literature Review: There are headings for your literature review with the MINIMUM length of each section described below. Brief Summary of the Client and Problem (1-2 paragraphs) Provide a brief description of the specific problems, client characteristics, theories, and interventions you were using for your keywords. Research Topic and Research Questions (1-2 paragraphs) Provide at least three research questions that guided your research that directly related to your case and was important for informing your continuing assessment and intervention planning. Summary of Evidence in the Literature Review (2 pages) This is where you provide your literature review of the articles you found important. You MUST use APA style writing which means you do not repeat the name of the article in the text. You only refer to the author(s) and date. Do NOT use quotes, but only paraphrase the information. The instructor will evaluate the literature review on how much you demonstrate you understand and can use the information. In other words, what does this mean in your words, not the words of the author(s)? And what does the information tell you about your client? Application to Assessment and Intervention (2-3 paragraphs) What did you learn from this review that you can use in your own practice? How can you apply the evidence to your specific case, or other cases in your practice? What question(s) are you left with? *** I WILL PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT CLIENT BEING DISCUSSED IN THIS PAPER