Domestic Policy

I. The Social Problem (or Social Issue) How is the problem or need defined? What specific need is being targeting? What is the extent of the problem? Who is the target/client population? How many people are affected and how? What data are offered to document the problem’s extent? What is the universe of definitions of the problem How have definitions of the social problem/need and policy approaches changed over time? How do historical policy approaches to this social problem/need shape current policy? How have values shaped the definition and documentation? Apply social justice theory, social protection theory and/or social risk management theory to explain how values define the problem What improvements are needed? How can a claim be made for the need for this policy change? What are limitations of the current policy? What causal theory(ies) help explain the problem or issue What is the evidence supporting these causal theories? II. Policy Options or Alternatives Domestic Policy International Policy Identify your policy options/ alternatives Discuss the major elements of each policy that address the policy problem In your paper narrative you will discuss the commonalities and differences between the policy options In your paper narrative how each alternative addresses or fails to address the underlying cause of the problem