competencies survey

Write a 350-700-word essay discussing the following: Summarize your results from the group communication competencies survey (note: you do not have to attach the survey. Instead, you should summarize your results in the first body paragraph) Identify and describe the stages of team development. How might stronger team skills benefit you? How might you use teamwork skills in your job? Provide specific examples. Support your summary by connecting to the Beebe and Masterson reading material in every paragraph and citing in APA form. Remember, the Center for Writing Excellence has a helpful guide for citing and can be found here:     Click the Assignment Files tab to submit both parts of your assignment.    Tips for this assignment:    1- Essentially, this assignment is for a paper following APA style. With a paper like this, you want to start with an introduction paragraph (including an attention getter/ hook, clear central idea and preview of points), separate body paragraphs (I suggest the following: body paragraph 1 should address the results of the survey; Body paragraphs 2-3 should address the stages of team development; body paragraphs 4-5 should address how team skills could benefit you; and body paragraphs 6-7 should address virtual meetings) and a conclusion (paraphrasing your central idea and connecting back to the hook).    2- Second, using the reading material is an important part of writing a thorough paper. By quoting and citing directly from the course reading, you will be sure to successfully analyze each question. I suggest that in answering each point in the assignment you do the following: Answer that point; use a brief example; and quote directly from the reading material to support your assertion, and transition to the next paragraph. Using the reading material provides credibility to your responses. Don’t forget to cite! 3- Lastly, don’t forget to cite using APA style. You can find helpful resources and guides in the Center for Writing Excellence here: