Please submit a minimum 2-page summary of the attached article: JAPA, A YEAR IN REVIEW • summary of the and how the, • Article relates to the concepts, themes, and topics in the course articles read (that is the course materials), thereby enabling you to reflect critically and in-depth on the course materials. • The book is Leedy, D. Paul., Ormrod, J. Ellis. (2015). Practical research: Planning and Design. 11thEdition.New Jersey: Pearson (Chapter 6) • Chapter Six of the book describes: Observation Studies, Correlational Research, Developmental Design, and Survey Research • Your assignment is to summarize the article and critically analyses which of the four research methodologies: Observation Studies, Correlational Research, Developmental Design, and Survey Research the article under comes isit one or two • Please Describe Which Research methodologies the writer of the article uses • Using the Appropriate Citation Analyze the article in corresponding to the four research methodologies mentioned above • Please see the link below to understand what the expectation is and how to analyze scientific articles: To help you with your essay I will ask you to go a check the blog of a Professor. She created two very good posts about “how to read and understand scientific papers” and a second post offering an example of doing what she posted in her first post: • • • Make sure to follow the instructions accurately and precise • create a critical analysis of the article to the reading material NOTE: o the relationship of the article you selected to the course materials should be:  Demonstrated in your summary paper using citations, as well as, provide the relevant references (works cited) in the appropriate writing style format (i.e. APA or MLA,)