recruitment and retention

Unit 10 Assignment: Employee Retention Factors and Strategies
Attracting and retaining the best employees are some of the most important actions an organization can take to achieve its goals. In this Assignment, you will be analyzing the factors that influence employee recruitment and retention.   In this Assignment, you will be assessed on the following outcomes: HR400-6: Examine the factors that influence employee recruitment and retention.
GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.
Learning Activity
It is strongly recommended that you complete this Unit 10 Learning Activity after completing all the unit Readings and before beginning your Assignment. This will help you practice important concepts related to skills needed for the Assignment.
Before starting this Assignment, review the Assignment Checklist.
Using employee retention and employee retention strategies as search terms, select and read three articles on employee retention in the Library. Then, in a Word document, compose a 2–3-page expository research paper addressing the following:
Identify three factors that that have an impact on attracting (recruitment) and retaining employees (retention). Provide a description for each factor and indicate how the factor influences recruitment and retention.
For each of the three factors, identify a strategy that employers can use to positively impact employee retention.


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