biology worksheet

1. What is ventilation?

2. What is Boyle’s law and how does this relate to respiration (What happens to the volume of the chest cavity when we need to inhale? How does this the pressure compared to atmospheric?

3. How much energy is needed for normal breathing? How might this change with lung disease?

4. Describe how the ingredients in tobacco smoke damage/impair the respiratory system.BE SPECIFIC

5. What brain region controls respiration? What gas do the respiratory centers of the brain detect? How does this effect the respiration rate?

6. What are the alveoli ? How many do we have in the human body? What is the purpose of having so many?

7. What is surfactant and why is it important? BE SPECIFIC

8. What is hemoglobin?; what does it do? Where in the body does hemoglobin pick up oxygen where does it release it