relationships with families

Working with Families
As professionals working with children, two of our most important jobs are building relationships with families and helping them to find the resources they need. When we establish relationships with families, it allows us to share ideas, strategies, and resources with them that will support their needs. For your assignment this week, use the Working with Families template to address the following:

Discuss the importance of building relationships with families.
Explain three research-based strategies to build relationships with families. One of these strategies must be for working with families who live in poverty and be supported by the “Helping the Most Vulnerable Infants, Toddlers, and Their Families (Links to an external site.)” article.
Analyze which parenting styles these strategies will align with and provide a rationale as to why.
Describe at least one resource, for each of the three strategies you shared, that you will use in your work with children and their families.
Explanation & Answer: 3 pages