recyclable and natural items

Actually Create and Make an Earthwork using recyclable and natural items.

Document the creation using a digital camera, smart phone, etc.

Upload the documentation to the assignment discussion.

In the discussion and underneath your documentation include answers to these questions relating to personal reflections and design analysis:

  1. What were you thinking about when you started the piece?
  2. What are you thinking now that the piece is finished?
  3. What did other people say when they saw you working outdoors?
  4. Name 3-5 things that inspired you and why (this can be another art piece, a person, nature, a feeling, etc.)
  5. Talk about the time it took you to make. When would you start the clock on the process? (Art is remembered for the image it leaves, not how long it took to create)
  6. What type of conceptual or actual impact did you intend your work to make? Did it work? If so, how? If not, why not?
  7. Describe the elements and principles of art most apparent in an artwork, its line, shape, space, color, value, texture and/or time?
  8. What are the principles of art that you see in the artwork, such as unity, balance, emphasis, dominance, focal point, proportion, scale or rhythm?
  9. Does the artwork say something because of this emphasis of either an Element of Art or Principle of Design?