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Once upon a time, there were presidential campaigns without social media or even cable television. In fact, in 1960, it was considered groundbreaking to broadcast the Nixon/Kennedy presidential debates on network television. In 2012, however, the Obama/Romney debates were broadcasted, analyzed and critiqued by news networks and social media. For this Project, you will research the history and development of mass media and write a report that tracks its use in presidential elections since 1960. Directions You are a media consultant who has been hired by a startup social media company. The company wants you to write a formal research report that answers the question “How have changes in mass media influenced the ways people experience presidential campaigns?” In your report: describe major milestones in the history of mass media between 1960 and today compare and contrast the use of mass (and, as appropriate, social) media in the following presidential campaigns: 1960: The Nixon/Kennedy Campaign 2012: The Obama/Romney Campaign identify how social media differs from mass media argue how changes in media have impacted the ways people experience political campaigns All the resources you will need (articles, videos, essays, etc.) have been gathered for you in Project resources. You will need to find relevant information in these resources and synthesize it in your analysis. Feel free to supplement your research report with photographs, political cartoons and/or links to other media. Make sure to document your sources appropriately using APA citation format. It is important that you not use or quote from any source without citing it.