policy literature

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE RESEARCH PAPER OBJECTIVE: The objective of the research paper is to provide students with the opportunity to undertake a critical review and analysis of a theoretical, policy or general economic issue of personal interest. To ensure a robust analysis, the subject chosen must be both controversial in the economic academic and/or policy literature and easily researched. The instructor will provide a list of suggested topics from which an interesting problem should be defined and a relevant thesis/argument identified. However, students are free to choose a topic of their own, in consultation with the instructor. The paper will present a clear research question, a strong thesis statement (argument), claims/reasons, evidence, the differing points of view in the literature and a strong, supportable conclusion. EVALUATION: A two page outline briefly describing the research question, the thesis statement, at least two and preferably three claims/reasons to support the thesis, proposed evidence, and the debatable points of view is due on February 28, 2018 by 19:00. Please email it to me through UR Courses. In addition, a one page proposed bibliography must be attached which must cite scholarly works (at least three) and the proposed source of data. The outline is worth 5% of the total course mark. On March 14, 2018, the first draft of the paper is due by 11:59 am to me on URCourses (First Draft). The first draft will represent a significant expansion of the concepts and ideas identified in the outline. It will respond to any suggestions provided by the instructor or others. It is acknowledged that it is a draft and as such may have some (but not many) holes to fill. It will follow the prescribed format for the final paper. The first draft is worth 10% of the total course mark. The research paper is worth 35% of the total course mark. It is due on April 13 by 17:00 to me via URCourses (Final Draft). Please note that I will not accept late papers. The time shown on URCourses will be the official time and date. The first draft and the final paper will be evaluated relative to the following: • It will be interesting, persuasive and exciting to read • It will use plain language and be clear, coherent, and pithy • It will be well organized and the mechanics will be superior • It will be well researched and will reflect strong analysis • It will be wonderful It must be an original paper – it cannot be a paper previously written for this course or any other course at any educational institution. It cannot be a paper previously written for any public or private sector institution (e.g. government or corporate). PRESENTATION: Presentation of the material does make a difference. Papers must be typed (Times New Roman 12) and single spaced. It will be submitted at the prescribed time. The maximum acceptable length is seven (7) pages, not including the title page, abstract, bibliography, and appendices. Appendices are permitted up to a total of two (2) additional pages. The use of tables, charts, diagrams, and graphs is strongly encouraged but not be of the cut and paste variety! FORMAT: The research paper must conform to the following format: • Title Page • Abstract • Introduction • Background • Analysis/Alternatives • Conclusion • References • Appendices Variations from this format are acceptable only when it helps to clarify and summarize the material. TOPICS: To assist students in choosing a suitable topic, a number of suggestions will be provided. Students should consult with the instructor prior to finalizing their outline. The instructor will help you frame the research question, define the thesis and, hopefully, can provide you with some useful insight and direction. A successful paper requires thought and research. PLAGARISM Please refer to the Academic calendar for additional details.