1.) Brenden Rodgers

I have chosen the orangutan for my favorite creature.

Orangutans live in the geographic range of the islands of Borneo (Malaysia) and Sumatra (Indonesia) tropical forest ecosystem/biome. Some similarities between orangutans and humans can be noticed in the relationship between orangutan mothers and their children. Orangutan children may stay around their parents “…until they are about 10 years old“ (Orangutan Foundation International, 2021) and females may come back to see their mothers until they are “…15-16 years old” (Orangutan Foundation International, 2021). “Orangutan offspring will sometimes be carried until they are 5 years old and be breast-fed until they are 8 years of age” (Orangutan Foundation International, 2021). This is very different from how most mammals, other than humans, raise their young. Orangutans are also highly intelligent compared to other mammals and have been known to use and create their own tools.

Orangutans are currently endangered due to hunting and illegal wildlife trade as well as deforestation and habitat loss. Forests are being cleared to free up land for oil palm plantations as well as others. Orangutan mothers are also being killed for food and to keep their young as pets.


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Orangutan driving golf cart like in The Sopranos:

2.) Milan Vukelich

The species I chose for this week is the bear and the species it is most related to are the dog and wolf. The ancestor of the bear is the dog species, but the first identifiable bear is the Ursavus elmensis. The bear is unique compared to other species because of their high intelligence compared to other animals with their large brain they have to rely on when surviving the wild. In terms of the food web, all types of bears are on the top of the food chain and eat all kinds of food that involve berries, grain, fish, birds, and mammals. Bears are never eaten by other animals but are hunted by humans and are used by different means. The reason I chose the bear is because of their unique stature and the way they can survive on their own trusting their will and wits while in the wild.

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