Case Study Proposal. First task: choose a topic. Choose a topic in which you are interested in. That makes it likely that you’ll put in the effort. Look for issues recently in the news. Don’t just pick one of these suggestions (for illustration only): ¨Should the US renegotiate NAFTA? With what purpose? Is the negotiation likely to be successful? ¨The US recently pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. What were the arguments / advantages / disadvantages of doing so? ¨Should international trade agreements incorporate labor standards? ¨What are the issues concerning the notion of Fair Trade? Note: points will be awarded for originality / interest / relevance of your topic. Second task (really in an interactive way with the first): choose sources for you topic. Good places to look for sources: ¨Peterson Institute for International Economics ( has Policy Briefs, papers, and books. ¨Google Scholar: Enter your issue, and you’ll find a host or articles on it. ¨Reputable economics journals, especially the Journal of Economic Perspectives. Third task: write-up your proposal. ¨Briefly describe the topic. You may even explain why it interests you. ¨Important: list the sources you are proposing to use. This is one of the factors that enables me to give you feedback.