management personnel

5 – 6 pages Instructions: Be sure to include in-text reference citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA or MLA format and style in your report. In addition to your textbook, you should include at least 3 additional quality reference sources for a total of not less than 4 references. Company Overview Location (address) of company headquarters Brief (no more than 1slide) history of the company Mission or Vision statement Company statistics (# of employees, locations, etc.) Industry Overview What industry does the company operate in? Who are the firm’s major competitors (top 3)? Marketing Overview and the 4 P’s Description of the target market Key products and/or service lines Pricing strategies Distribution issues, if applicable Promotional strategies (advertising, personal selling, word-of-mouth, etc.) Financial data over the past three-to-five years (e.g. 2012-2016) Comment on the company’s profitability over the past 3-5 years. Is the company profitable? E.g. are its revenues greater than expenses? International Operations, if applicable Current international operations outside the U.S. (specify countries and products) Intended growth/expansion into new global markets (specify which ones) Review of key management personnel Brief profile of founder(s) and current CEO/President Identify other key officers within the company (i.e. CFO, COO, CTO, etc.) SWOT analysis What are the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses? What are its external opportunities and threats? E.g. political, economic, social, global, technological Your assessment and future predictions Where will the company be in 3-5 years in terms of size and scope of operations, markets served, competitive position, etc? Based on your research, what are 2-3 critical success factors (CSFs) that your firm needs to pay attention to going into the future?