International and Labor Economics

International and Labor Economics Term paper The term paper accounts for 30% of your grade and is an individual assignment. The most important part of the paper is to apply your analytical skills to the models taught in class. Ideally you will take a real world example and analyse it using one of the models and discuss the pros and cons of the real world example and perhaps suggest improvements. An example would be any program meant to reduce unemployment and applying the model using a budget constraint and indifference curves to identify advantages and disadvantages of the program. I would also like you to discuss the total cost of such a scheme. I am not looking for a long paper and I am not looking for an extensive use of references. References are of course important, but it is more important that you show me that you are able to apply the theory to a particular topic. Ideally, I would like to see you using the models from class for your analysis. 10-20 pages The title and undertitle The Decline of the value of a degree. Why are less people studying for a degree? Is the cost of a degree worth the financial hardship? Use economic models of demand and supply and leisure and labor effects. The book taught and needs to be used is Modern labor economics. theory and public policy 13th edition. By Ronald G Ehrenberg and Robert S. Smith