Humanities Traditions

This is a research project. A Biography of significant figure from the Humanities Traditions.

You must choose someone from this list.

Your paper should provide detail of their life and best-known works. To provide some information that may be lesser known. What is the person’s broader contribution to the Humanities. Try to get at an understanding of their understanding of the human condition.


Artemisia Gentileschi (painting)
Goya (painting)
Raphael (painting)
Jackson Pollock(painting)
Edward Hopper(painting)
Konstantin Stanislavski (theater)
Vinnette Carroll (theater)
Bertolt Brecht (theater)
Aphra Behn (theater)
Euripides (theater)
Earnest Hemingway (literature)
Zora Neale Hurston (literature)
James Baldwin (literature)
Orson Wells (film)
W. Griffith (film)
Gregg Toland (film)
Lois Weber (film)
Louis Sullivan (architecture)
Zaha Hadid (architecture)
Christopher Wren (architecture)
Wagner (music)
Mozart (music)
Verdi (music)
Immanuel Kant (philosophy)
Hannah Arendt (philosophy)
Michel Foucault (philosophy)
Ansel Adams (photographer)
Dorthea Lange (photographer)
Sidhartha Gautama, The Buddha (Religion)
Loa Tzu (Religion)
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