hierarchy of life

Choose any 4 activities from the lesson that helped you to learn or understand the concepts, ideas or information addressed in this lesson chapters (chapter 10, 11 and 12). List the Lesson and then activity title and explain the concept it covered. Then explain specifically how it enhanced your understanding.

Ch 10: (I need two activities from chapter 10)


Ch 11: (I need one activities from chapter 11)


Ch 12:(I need one activities from chapter 12)

For example see below:

Lesson 1 Activity 1A: The Levels of Life Card Game (1.1)


Content- This game covered the concepts of the hierarchy of life from cells to ecosystem. This is the idea of classifying systems from lower to higher or maybe a better way to say it is from smallest to largest. It demonstrates how one entity fits into another. Sort of like those little stacking painted dolls that look like wooden eggs, or maybe a child’s toy. This activity shows the hierarchy of life and different levels build upon the others. Each screen shows different organisms and I click and drag to put them into the correct category. The game reviews the kingdom, phylum, class, order, genius, species of different organisms ie plants and animals and bacteria and protists and fungi

Learning- I have always been confused by populations and communities and this gave me a visual and hands on example to help me remember. I am a global learner and do not want to know the steps of a process until I get the broad overview. So this game provided me with the steps but also I could manipulate the “big picture” and still have all of the information in front of me in color and organized. I also like the option of clicking on a vocabulary term and getting the definition on the screen while I study. The concepts are not confusing, I just never really took the time to see the patterns. Plus I liked the pictures and colors to actually show the cells, etc. I could see the “small to large”. In future activities I will probably have more questions regarding the content and concepts.


Explanation & Answer:

4 Activities 2 Paragraphs Each