GNED 230 Term Paper on Globalization Due Date: February 26th, 2018 Length: 1800-2000 words Globalization in Canada Choose ONE relevant controversy/conflict/concern that is linked to globalization as it pertains to Canada and the world. The topic, if possible, should have a local connection as well to Medicine Hat. Topics may include the following: oFood production/export/import oSettlement of refugee oImmigration oTrade and commerce oClothing industry oCulture—Music, Fashion, Arts, Yoga etc. oThe Energy Sector—Oil and Gas, Renewable energy oThe Internet; questions of censorship, information dissemination etc. Create an inquiry question that will frame your investigation on your chosen topic. What are you exploring and with what end goal in mind? What would you like to discover about the topic? What will you demonstrate through your research? The inquiry question should lead to a solid and concrete thesis statement. You will write an argumentative essay that explores three or four reputable sources that convey different perspectives regarding the conflict/controversy/concern. What is the scope/scale of the issue? What have other reputable sources suggested as the “solution” to the problem? What are the barriers that prevent the issue from being addressed or corrected? How does the issue relate to Canada, Medicine Hat, and to you as a global citizen? Through the research that you have conducted, you will offer your own position on what the best “solution” is. Please offer your insights in an intelligent and convincing manner as to what constitutes the best “action plan” to address the matter. What pathways are in place that you support as viable solutions and/or what pathways need to be created in order to find resolution to the issue? What needs to be changed at multiple levels—individual, societal, governmental, regional, national etc.? Finally, you must refer to at least three chapters from our textbook, “Globalization: A Very Short Introduction,” to frame your analysis. Be sure to include a minimum of two quotes per chapter within your analysis. Guidelines: For your chosen topic, create a thesis statement to highlight the main focus of your essay. Make sure that the thesis is narrow and focused. Be sure to use quotations from the sources to support your answers and pay attention to how you organize your essay and your thoughts. Aim for clarity and thoroughness so that your ideas are carried to a point of completion (analyze all of your points in enough detail). And yes, in answering the question, use “I” and the first person voice when writing! Your essay should be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, and have 1 inch margins on all four sides of the page. Your essay should be given a title (be creative) and all pages must be numbered. Please include a word count and do not include a cover page (include your name, my name, date, and course number on the first page). Please use MLA or APA citations method to document the sources you use and submit e-copy on BB through Safeassign (hard copy must be also submitted in class). Your essay must have a clear thesis statement that captures your main argument. Remember to include a “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” section. Please bring a paper copy to me in class and save an electronic version of the essay for yourself.