Experience and Appreciation

Define and Identify: Brief information about the museum and the works it contains. Identify which social angle(s) are most strongly associated with this experience.
Experience and Appreciation: For example, how did you learn about this museum what made you select this museum, what about this museum speaks to you. Include photo evidence of your visit…you MUST be in the photo.
Observe and Analyze: For example, how are other visitors engaging in or reacting to the museum or works in the museum. What did you learn from talking with other visitors or from readings on the internet about the impact of this museum on the community…local, national, global?
Critique and Compare: Compare your museum to other museums you have visited, or you have learned about. Consider the impact of the museum on a particular social angle and/or the evolution of the media. Consider the impact of experiencing the museum on your general outlook on the medium or appreciation of art.