epiphany about arts

We’ve arrived at the middle of the term – let’s take a minute to evaluate our progress!

In this exercise you should reflect on the information you’ve explored in the textbook and the course assignments so far. Your goal is to identify something you want to share with the class. This might be an interesting fact gleaned from the reading, a connection made between this class and content from another one, or a surprising epiphany about arts, ideas & values. Below are several prompts to help you narrow down your focus and offer a reaction that really addresses our objectives in this course – select ONE (1) and share your response with the class:

Explain how arts, ideas, and values intersect in the public eye.
Provide an example of how art communicates meaning to the viewer.
Offer an example of how art serves as a conduit for personal and social change.
Identify an art piece that you feel a deep connection with as an individual.
Offer an example of how individual art may express a cultural worldview.