energy information

The objective of this assignment is to familiarize you with the sites and sources of information on energy information, as well as some of the basic terminology and units of measurement. We will also analysis this information in class, and it is so much meaningful if you do the work to get the information than if I simply provide it to you! Also, reflect on what this information is telling you – we will discuss what surprised you the most (among other things) in class on January 29. This discussion WILL contribute to your participation grade. 1. Provide a graphical representation comparing world (global) GDP and energy use from about 1880 (ish) to current. Use total not per capita figures. You can copy this info – no need to create it from scratch. 2. Provide a graph of the trend in total energy consumption by energy source from about 1990 to current. 3. How much is total global energy consumption (demand) likely to grow by 2050? 4. How much land does a typical wind farm occupy per megawatt – this can vary so you can either provide the range or a specific number if you state all the requisite assumptions. Provide the total area necessary to permit the turbines to operate, not the footprint of the actual turbine? 5. If all the current coal fired capacity of Saskatchewan was replaced with wind powered capacity how much land would this, on average, take up? 6. List the top 10 oil (petroleum) producing countries (also indicate the level of production in either thousands or millions of barrels/day) for the most recent year you can find the data and provide the corresponding level of production. (For example the EIA (Energy Information Agency) lists UAE as the #8 producer at 3474 (‘000 b/d) in 2014.) 7. Now, in a column beside the latest production figures put a column indicating what each country’s respective production was about 10 years (2005-06) earlier. For the UAE 2004 it was about 2,845 – same source. Which country has had the largest growth in production? 8. From what five (5) countries does the USA currently import the most oil? Were they the same top five (5) 10 years earlier? 9. List the top 5 energy consuming countries (total not per capita) – most recent data. 10. List the top 5 per capita energy consuming countries – most recent data. What are the projected growth rates (GDP) for these countries over the next 30 or so years? Note: For each of the questions please identify the source of your data. This is important because even among reputable sources there may be slight differences in the data given different methodologies. Also, each source may be reporting for a different year. So for example OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) data may say the UAE’s annual oil production in 2015 is 2,794 (thousand barrels a day) whereas the IEA (International Energy Agency) may say it is 2,760 (thousand barrels a day). Hence comparisons within sources should be okay since the same methodology will be applied – between sources may yield some differences. REMEMBER Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source, citing it will yield you a grade of 0%.