creating a local union

Please read the attached Labor document. After reading that document and using the information found in that reading, 1) Read and consider the following set of facts: You work at a store in a local supermarket chain. One day a union organizer approaches you as you are leaving work inviting you to a meeting at a local church to discuss the possibility of joining the United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (UFCW). The purpose of the meeting is to consider creating a local union that would represent employees for purposes of collective bargaining at the store. The employees in the store have been unhappy with the fact that there has been no wage increase for two years, and most employees have seen their hours reduced so the company could avoid paying for fringe benefits, including health insurance.  2) Write an essay of between 500 and 750 words answering the following: o Based on what you have learned in the readings of this lesson, in what way(s) will the provisions of the NLRA, as amended protect you if you attend the meeting?  o Will you attend? Why or why not? The answers must be pulled directly from the attachment and there must be in text citations using the attachment. Please don’t use any other outside sources.