role of the artist

Your paper should be three full pages in length and should incorporate what you’ve learned from this class.  Please watch your grammar and sentence structure. Work cited on the 4th page

It must include:

  • The role of the artist – One for each of the 3 copies of your artist’s works
  • Aspects of paintings – E.g. (abstract, still life, etc.)
  • Why you chose this artist, make a connection
  • Copies of three of your favorite works from the artist. Include a description of each work
  • An example of the format will be posted in “Information”

Artists to consider:

Norman Rockwell

Gordon Parks

Andy Warhol

Salvador Dali

Leonardo da Vinci

Claude Monet

Vincent Van Gogh

Pablo Picasso

Georgia O’Keeffe

M.C. Escher

Ansel Adams

Wassily Kandinsky

Diego Rivera

Will Rafuse

Leonetto Cappiello

Elizabeth Catlett

Henry Ossawa Tanner

Jacob Lawrence

Charles H. Alston

Richmond Barthe

William Henry Johnson

Jean-Michael Basquiat

Hale Woodruff

Augusta Savage

Kehinde Wiley

14 Font – Times New Roman – Single space (use paragraphs to organize your writing)

1.5 pages of narrative

Background about the artist

Why did you choose this artist, explain the connection

Any other interesting facts

1.5 pages that display three works of art from the artist

Insert picture

Under each work of art (insert a picture, you will have three in all):

·       Describe what the work of art depicts

·       The role of the artist

·       The aspect

Work of Art #1


This work of art depicts the famous portrait of the Mona Lisa. The original portrait hangs in a museum in Paris and was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The lady in the portrait has a faint smile, is dressed modestly and is very commonly. The artist appeared to have painted her in front of an outdoor scene.  The portrait is quite old. She would be described during those times as being handsome or commonly.

The art time period is The Renaissance period. The Mona Lisa was created between 1503 and 1519.

ROA: #1 To make a visual record of the people, places, times and events. (The entire role)

Aspect: Realism

This is how you would add the work of art, describe it, what is the role of the artist and what is the aspect.

You need three in all.