PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint development, presentation, and facilitation of class discussion:Submit 7-10 slides of PowerPoint presentation based on one to two chapters from the last seven weeks that you feel are the most important to re-address in Week 7.  This should not be a chapter or topic you previously presented.  Additionally, the slides should be succinct and not filled with content.

The last slide should present case study you have developed that will facilitate a solution discussion with the class taken into consideration the information you have presented.  At the end of the discussion, you should have your own solution to present.

PPT Topic:

Global Human Resource Management and Culture Clash

Case reference link:


Presentation – 5 minutes

Presentation of Case Study 3-5 minutes

Case Study facilitation discussion:  5-10 minutes

Your solution:  5 minutes

PPT + a relatively simple speech manuscript (word)

I hope to add some cultural differences between HRM in Asian countries (e.g. Chinese companies) and HRM in American companies in the presentation (examples)