PART A – Undertake research on the current state of the macroeconomy post Brexit. Using macroeconomic indicators explain if Brexit has had a positive OR negative effect on the macroeconomic position of the economy. Clearly reference any supporting evidence/quotes from the business press that upholds the position you are adopting. (20% marks) (focus on Trade shocks: external (AD and BT curve) and Supply shocks: external (AD, BT and ERU curve)) PART B – Using suitable frameworks of analysis (diagrams used in lectures) for the open economy model, discuss the future expected effects of Brexit on the macro-economy. Explain if your projections are largely optimistic OR pessimistic. (80% marks) The essay should outline: – Critically assess the problems facing policymakers in using stabilisation policy to achieve economic goals. – Formulate model-based approaches to the analysis of some open economy macroeconomic problems. – Independent research examining the simultaneous internal and external balance of the UK economy.