Internal Assessment

Following are the 3 parts that we need to have completed by Tuesday. Just to reiterate no external references should be used.  Please see the attached case study and word document for further instructions. In the word document, these parts are highlighted with yellow colours so you only have to do the yellow highlighted parts. 

1) Internal Assessment (three paragraphs, about 1 page). Top Three strengths/weaknesses from Exhibit 2; a total of three, not three.

– Str/weakness #1: topic sentence that clearly specifies the strength or weakness; then provide evidence, and V,R,I evaluation of the strength (separate sentence for V.R.I.). If it is a weakness, no need to go through VRI; simply discuss whether it can be transformed into a strength in the future.

– Str/weakness #2: ditto

– Str/weakness #3: ditto

2) Financial Diagnosis (about half page or less) – Exhibit 1 for this section

– Use this section to interpret the ratios in the Exhibit 3. Use various comparisons and financial ratios to diagnose the company’s financial situation. Remember to comment on the company’s overall financial health and capacity to carry on future investments that might be part of your strategic alternatives.

3) Criteria and Evaluation of Alternatives by Criteria (about 1 page; second most important section!) – Exhibit 2-3 for this section

– First paragraph: list 3 criteria and justify them one by one (that is, why these, not others?)

– Then, 3 paragraphs corresponding to the three criteria, each paragraph using one criterion to compare the two alternatives