global firm

Assignment 1:

Research Paper:Choose a global firm and write a 2,500 APA formatted document with at least 10 peer-reviewed references. Assume you are the senior leader and write your paper on the following:

  1. Based on the organization’s global human resources strategic plan:
  2. What is the the role of the organization in the current global economy? Why?
  3. What is professional cultural competence among personnel? Why?
  4. Plan and develop processes for global human resources functioning:
  5. Explain, contrast and compare the utilization of practices within the organization’s domestic and global HR markets.
  6. Based on what we have studied in this course, apply HR solutions to the global market for improved functioning and outcomes to ensure mission and vision are achieved.
  7. Discuss world issues, laws, trends, and international business that may impact the effective human resources global strategy you have developed and plan to implement.

Additionally, international HRM/GHRM courses are every evolving and changing due to the global landscape, please use materials from 2019 present as peer review, books, journals. You may use GoogleScholar but NO;; HTML, or websites with advertising.Please submit your assignment here and it will also check originality.

Please be sure to review APA (and re-review) for correct in-text citations, formatting the Reference page, as well as the paper.   You can use the headings above if you wish as that will help you stay on tract, as well as my grading.  However, be sure to not merely bullet point, but expand upon the answer or content for each.

Assignment 2:(Need a speech script)

briefing of Research Paper:you will be presenting a ‘debrief’ of your Research Paper.  No PowerPoint is required.  This will be a succinct presentation of the highlights of your Research Paper.  The presentation should last no more than 5-10 minutes   In essence this is your ‘elevator speech’, or think of it as your presentation as a senior leader to the organization of what you have uncovered to facilitate the organization’s understanding of Global Human Resource Management and its future. .