consumer choice and consumption

In chapter 6 we study consumer choice and consumption. Read the attached article (PDF, link below). In this article, the author discusses consumerism/materialism – the preoccupation with buying things, or as stated in the article “getting and spending”. The chapter tells us consuming can provide “utility”, satisfaction. But is this really the case? For your essay, identify at least three issues from the article and discuss if you agree or disagree with the author’s points. Does your personal experience conform to the author’s thesis, why or why not? Even though the article is provided for you, you should still use proper citations when using information/quoting from the PDF. Your initial post should be at least 200 words and is due by 11:55 PM Wednesday. You should read all other student’s posts and respond to at least two posts. Responses should be at least 5 sentences and move the discussion forward. Saying “I agree” or “good post” does not count as a sentence – you must explain your position. You can also follow-up to other student’s responses and discuss the issues back and forth. Your follow-ups/responses are due by 11:55 PM Frida