Midterm Project

FINAL TEMPLATE PROVIDED re Midterm Project due Thursday 3/29 — all students use this 03-03 WORD document attached. NB all students: The attached WORD document serves as a template that you would use to complete your project. The template is both explanatory plus written in a way that I hope will clarify the several questions I’ve received recently. Please email me diana.merenda@baruch.cuny.edu with questions. FINAL EDITION Midterm Project due Thursday 3/29 — OBJECTIVES CLARIFIED Your Midterm Project “CEO’s Keynote Address to Kick-Start Management Offsite” is due Thursday March 29th via hard copy. Reminders: – Times New Roman 12, double-spaced, four pages of text – Cover page (Title) – Attribution of your references and all exhibits are via Appendix – Please no spelling or grammar errors Coverage Recap: – Public Company (so that you can easily get access to relevant financial data) – You are going to speak in the voice of the CEO – Assume this offsite is for the most senior of management (C-suite levels) to include heads of Legal (CLO); Compliance (CCO); Human Resources (Chief of Staff); Marketing & Client Service (CMO) (which includes website / collateral production / event planning / public relations); Finance (CFO) (which includes Shareholder Relations); Operations (COO); Risk Management & Internal Audit (CRO); Technology (CIO). – Assume there are two positions [and/or functional areas] that do NOT currently exist within the company. The CEO wants her senior management to help her decide whether or not to create one or both of them. If “YES”, the CEO also needs to decide where in the organization the/these new position(s) would “live”. The two ‘unrepresented’ functional areas are: 1) formal internal PMO (project management office or group) 2) Chief Ethics Officer (although Ethics is integrated into the firm’s Code of Ethics which falls under Compliance, the CEO isn’t sure that’s the right solution and is also unsure whether not having a specific personna responsible itself tells a story that it must not matter that much! There has been a lot of media coverage regarding tolerance, tone from the top, culture of compliance, sexual harassment, diversity inclusion, respect, and the CEO is very aware that ESG issues matter a great deal to the firm’s customer constituency. The CEO is wondering whether the firm is doing enough to live and breath these principles and expects the C-suite to come to consensus as a result of this offsite. In addition, although of course there is a Technology functional area, the firm’s CIO told the CEO that the cyber security element is a #1 priority for the firm reputational risk with clients but the CIO has insufficient resources to handle what needs to be done. The CEO needs to decide whether the Technology group should be augmented internally, what the relationship is between the CIO and the CRO, or maybe an outside security firm should be hired … or maybe the PMO can have a special project using talent from within the firm across functional areas with some consultants (hybrid approach). Deciding WHAT to do about these matters, HOW and WHEN is the ultimate objective of this offsite. By the end of the day there will be a dinner in which the Offsite Facilitator (whom the CEO has hired to run the event) will guide everyone to contribute their areas’ “bullet points” gleaned from the day’s discussions. Therefore, by the end of the dinner the CEO should have a clear and crisp decision totally obvious to her (and everyone in the room) — or at the very least, she’ll see a concrete plan for next steps. basically just pick a company and write about it. follow the instructions