Lesson Plan


In this Assignment, you will create the lesson for Day 1 of your Instructional Unit. In Unit 1, you identified the topic and learning objectives or content standards for your unit along with five subtopics. In Unit 2, you created an end of unit assessment and scoring rubric. Now you will flesh out the first of those five subtopics for your unit and create a lesson for day one of those subtopics.

You will use the attached Lesson Plan template to get started.

In your lesson plan, complete the template sections and explain how you guide students in their learning during each day. You will include elements such as

  • How will you kick off your Instructional Unit (Anticipatory Set/Launch)?
  • How will you generate excitement for the next four days’ lessons?
  • What background knowledge is necessary?
  • What vocabulary is essential to student success?
  • What technology will be used if any and why?
  • How will you plan for the differentiated needs of your students?
  • What assessments will be used?
  • How will you communicate with parents?

The template’s Plan Details Section should be written with easy to use directions so that a substitute could walk into your classroom, pick up your lesson, and start teaching in that section of your completed template..