intergovernmental sharing

Online Library that was published within the last 3 years that discusses intergovernmental sharing of technological information, and then provide a detailed critique of the article. The article you select must discuss recent or historic attempts by different levels of government (local, state, federal) to share technological processes or advances.

In your critique, address the following questions/points:

  • What are the main points and arguments of the author(s)?
  • What were the methods used to facilitate the intergovernmental relationships and the sharing of technological information?

The following two items require your opinions, which are a very important part of this assignment:

  • What is your opinion of the article? How does the content of this article relate to your general perceptions of the public and/or nonprofit sectors? Please refer to previous personal experiences or coursework when formulating your response.
  • Were the different governments/government actors involved successful in their attempts to share this information? What could have been done to better facilitate the information sharing and general intergovernmental relations?

Your critique must be 2–5 pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. All pages should be double-spaced. Be sure to cite all borrowed, quoted, and paraphrased material appropriately in APA style.

The purpose of this assignment is to gauge your understanding of the content, so focus on writing original content rather than simply regurgitating the textbook or other sources, whether by paraphrasing or using direct quotes. Paraphrasing is acceptable, but try to keep paraphrasing to a minimum. A good rule of thumb is to use 80% of your own work and paraphrase 20% or less of the work of others