Great Depression

Using Google (or similar search engine), conduct a search for “Great Depression Photography”. Select a favorite picture. You will be uploading it as part of your original post. In addition to the uploaded photograph, the original post should consist of three meaty paragraphs (5-7 sentences per paragraph): P 1 = Observe (see below) P 2 = Reflect P 3 = Contextualize and Direct Observe the photograph: What do you see? What do you notice first? What people or objects are shown? What is the physical setting? What is happening? What details do you see that add texture to the image? Reflect upon the photograph: What is the mood of the picture? Is this an emotionally loaded image? If so, why? Are there any details that are disturbing? Who is the intended audience? Is the photographer biased? Contextualize the photograph: When and where was the photograph taken? Using textbook and lecture material, how does it speak to American experiences during the Great Depression? Direct the subject(s) to the New Deal program that would best fit their needs. Use the textbook and lecture material to e