evaluate historical events

For this paper you will be required to evaluate historical events, decisions, changes, etc. to determine what you think contributed most to cause the fall of the Roman Empire. You will have to think critically and analyze these historical events to develop your argument. As long as you argue your point effectively with concrete examples, your paper will not lose points. Avoid using “websites” as we discussed in class. Instead, use books from the school library or the library’s online database for academic articles. Additionally, try to use at least one primary source. For most topics this is possible. Use the resources provided to you to find one and ask for help if needed.  Typed using a word processor (Font size 12, Times New Roman only)  One-inch margins  Double-spaced  2 pages not including the bibliography  Name, date and HIS 101 at the top left  Use proper grammar and correct spelling  Include bibliography, use footnotes and cite according to the Chicago Manual Style