Topic 2: Differentiated Instruction

Within each classroom, there are a variety of learning styles, learning modalities, and needs that cause teachers to differentiate their instruction. Differentiation deals with the Content, Process, Product, and Learning Environment. Before you continue, take a few minutes and watch this Learning Activity.

As you think of your Five-day Instructional Unit and the learners that are in your classroom, identify a specific learner or small group of learners who you will need to provide differentiated instruction for within this environment. In the Discussion Board share:

  • The specific needs of the identified learner or group of learners.
  • How will you address them through addressing the content, process, product and learning environment and what specific things will you do?
  • How will you guide and monitor the students through the five days of instruction and what specific instructional strategies will you have in place in order to support their successful mastery of the learning objectives?