door to door salesmen

Hanna, loves door to door salesmen. She particularly likes that they take up a bit of her day and always compliment her house and the cookies she offers. On a boring Tuesday afternoon Hanna heard the chime of her doorbell and excitedly open her door to John, a Kirby Vacuum Salesman. John, after a rather elaborate presentation of what the vacuum could do, as well as a hefty amount of praise for her homemade cookies, convinced Hanna to buy the $999.95 vacuum. John was very clear that she could make low monthly payments on the amazing vacuum. Shortly after signing the contract, Hanna realized two things: (1) she could not really afford the vacuum, and (2) she really liked the vacuum cleaner she had. What are Hanna’s rights? please the answers from andersons business low and the legal environment 23rd edition and refer to the page number