1.Why did the U.S. get involved in the conflict in Korea? According to the article, how many other countries sent soldiers to fight in the Korean war? 2.How did China influence the outcome of the Korean War? How was the Korean War resolved? 3.In Truman’s “Statement on the Situation in Korea,” what reasons does the president give for sending U.S. troops to Korea? 4.When discussing the conflict in Korea on June 29, 1950, how does Truman answer the question “Mr. President, … are we or are we not at war? 5.What does Truman call the conflict, and how does he explain this label? 6.What was Kennedy’s Cold War strategy? 7.What caused the conflict between Cuba and the U.S. during the Kennedy administration? 8.How did Ngo Dinh Diem violate the Geneva Accords?  How did North Vietnam respond? 9.How did Kennedy contribute to the civil rights movement? 10.How did Kennedy die?  What happened to Oswald?