QUESTIONS ONE: Debates often arise about questions such as these: Does art really mirror its times, or is it purely a result of some internal necessity of the artist? Should it be useful or does it exist for its own sake? In the Early and Monastic Middle Ages, for example, there are relationships between the barricaded mentality of the political times, the nervous and crowded spaces of the visual art, the heavy fortress-like nature of architecture, and the cumbersome style of literature. Can you think of examples of how the visual art, music, drama, architecture, and literature of our time make similar statements? What is your viewpoint on art as a reflection of society? TWO: Using specific examples from the readings and videos, in what ways did people during the High or Gothic Middle Ages build upon the achievements of the Early or Monastic Middle Ages? In what ways are the arts and cultures of Asia and Africa related to the arts and cultures of the Europeans? Discuss cultural, political, and technological aspects of medieval life.